DIY "Glitter": Fall Leaves Collage


Fall is a great time to incorporate nature into your craft projects. My kids love hunting for materials outside in the leaves and acorns and finding new ways to use them. For these fall trees, we used leaves to make "glitter" and added some extra color with sponge painting. It was messy, creative fun all around!

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. leaves
  2. construction paper
  3. washable tempera paint
  4. sponges
  5. paper plate
  6. glue
  7. markers
  1. We took advantage of a beautiful day and went outside to hunt for leaves. We were hoping to find some great fall colors in our leaves. Of course our trip outside also included some time on the playground and a game of chase.

  2. Before we came inside, we put all of our leaves into one bucket and had fun tearing them into little pieces to make our leaf glitter. Older kids love using scissors for this part, but since I was working with my two- and three-year-olds, we stuck with tearing.

  3. After we got inside and washed our hands, I helped the kids draw tree trunks for our fall scenes using markers. (Of course, let your kids do this step on their own if they'd like.)

    The kids were a little disappointed that our leaves weren't brighter (we mostly ended up with brown, yellow, and green leaves) so we decided to add some color to the background of our trees with paint. I gave the kids a paper plate with red and yellow paint and a sponge for painting.

  4. The kids had fun sponge painting their trees and adding lots of color.

  5. After we finished painting, the kids added piles of glue to their branches. This is one time when I didn't encourage them to use the "just a dot, not a lot" theory. It actually works best if they have a good amount of glue

  6. Then we added our leaf glitter to our pictures. Some of the kids were very meticulous about placing one leaf at a time. Others grabbed handfuls and sprinkled them on their papers.

  7. In the end, the kids' artwork turned out great (without any assistance from me!). I love how each one looked different and the kids were proud of their creations.