DIY Glow in the Dark Comets

DIY Glow in the Dark Comets

My kids love anything that has to do with outer space. We were learning about comets and decided to make our own. These awesome comets are easy to make and when night comes, you can let them fly. Glow sticks make them even more fun.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. garbage bag
  2. scissors
  3. ribbon or yarn
  4. glow sticks
  5. ball (tennis, wiffleball, or baseball)
  6. large plate or bowl - (for tracing a circle)
  7. clear packaging tape
  1. We gathered our supplies.

  2. We opened up our garbage bag and cut it down the side and bottom so it made one big piece of plastic. We used a large bowl and traced around the edges of it.

  3. We used scissors to cut strips from the outer edge of the garbage bag to the edges of the circle. Do this all the way around your garbage bag. These will become the comet's tail.

  4. We cut various lengths of ribbon or yarn, to be used to decorate the comet's tail. We were aiming for the colors of fire here.

  5. Next, we placed our ball in the center of the circle.

  6. We secured it by tying one piece of ribbon around the ball. Then we kept adding pieces of ribbon.

  7. Here is our comet, fully decorated with ribbon and yarn.

  8. We waited until it got dark, then got out our glow sticks.

  9. Using packaging tape, we secured the glow sticks to the strips of garbage bag and activated the glow sticks.

  10. Once our comets were glowing, they were ready to fly. We went outside in the front yard and threw them around. Unfortunately, I only got video of this and not any good still pictures. The kids had a great time seeing how high they could make the comet fly and how far.