DIY Photo Booth Play Date

DIY Photo Booth Play Date

This photo booth was so easy to put together with simple things found around the house, but the fun the kids had dressing up, being silly and posing for pictures was through the roof. Get your camera ready. You'll be posting these pictures on all your social networks and putting them in the family album.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
1-2 hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. large bed sheet (1) - Solid colors work best.
  2. dress-up props - (sunglasses, hats, boas, old picture frames, whatever you have on hand)
  3. paper, markers, tape & chopsticks - for moustaches, lips and bow ties
  4. clothes pins or clips - (to affix the sheet to a curtain rod)
  5. camera
  1. First, I chose a well lit corner. In this case, I had one window that was going to be behind my backdrop, so I taped black construction paper to it so no light would shine through. The other window right next to it provided tons of natural light for the photos.

  2. I hung up a large sheet over the window.

  3. I used clothes pins to hold the sheet onto the top of the window valence.

  4. Next, the kids and I set out to make some silly props. You can draw these freehand or use a search engine to find "mustache templates" and "lips templates" and "bow tie templates". Print them and you are ready to get creative.

  5. We colored in our templates.

  6. After cutting out the mustaches, lips and bow ties, my son taped each one to a chopstick.

  7. We displayed them in some jars, weighted down with little pebbles, next to our window with the sheet.

  8. Next, I sent my kids scrambling around to find fun props: hats, a pirate sword, sunglasses, an umbrella, a feather boa and more. I also found an old wooden frame that was not in use.

  9. Let the fun begin! The kids and their friends made so many different combinations.

  10. Some kids wanted to be photographed by themselves...

  11. ...and others wanted to pose together.

  12. Sometimes they helped each other by adding props.

  13. And sometimes they dressed up the dog, who probably now wonders why she was hanging around instead of napping upstairs.

  14. Best of all, I got to share these photos with family and friends via Facebook and Instagram. The kids love looking through them on my laptop. We had so much fun, that I've left the photo booth set up in that corner of the living room a bit longer. We all agreed, we aren't quite done with it yet.