Dancing Magnet Animals

Dancing Magnet Animals

Make any animal you like--using paperclips for arms and legs will enable you to make it bounce, dance and wave!

5 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paper
  2. very heavy paper or light cardboard
  3. crayons, paints, or markers
  4. brad (optional)
  5. metal paper clips
  6. magnet
  7. scissors
  1. Using patterned paper certainly wasn't necessary... but it sure did make for a fine bunny!

  2. "A cat? A doll? What do you want to make?" I asked. "A bunny!" A bunny it is, then. Drawing, painting, cutting....

  3. Soon enough she had a bunny's head, body, two paws, and two back feet.

  4. Maddie wanted a patterned print for the body, so she traced the body onto a piece of paper she chose, and glued the paper to the body.

  5. She also wanted a pretty background, so we cut a piece of light cardboard, then pasted another pretty paper to it. We used a brad for the nose, and attached the head to the body, then we pasted the body to the background--leaving edges for attaching paperclips. She investigated the paperclips, and figured out how they work...

  6. then made chains and attached the parts to the body.

  7. Wiggle a magnet around on the backside, and--look how he moves!

  8. Swaying and jigging... so fine he is!