Dinosaur Egg Soap

Dinosaur Egg Soap

My son jumps at the chance to wash his hands. Want to know my secret? Together, we created this dinosaur egg soap, which my son loves using. Read on to see how you can  make your own! (They make fun gifts and party favors, too.)

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. glycerin soap block
  2. small plastic dinosaurs
  3. soap molds (oval)
  4. measuring cup (microwave-safe)
  5. soap scent (optional)
  6. spoon
  1. Set out all your supplies.

  2. My kids set out the oval soap molds out on the counter and placed a plastic dinosaur in each mold.

  3. We then melted the soap. I cut up the glycerin into smaller pieces to help it melt quicker, and my son added the pieces to a microwave-safe measuring cup.

    We then placed the cup in the microwave and heated it for one minute at a time. After each minute, we took out the cup (with pot holders!) then used a spoon to give the soap a stir.) We kept checking in on on our soap, and kept stirring, until the soap was liquid-y. For us, this took about three minutes.

  4. Once the soap went from solid to liquid, I held the handle and let my son give the mixture a final stir.

  5. My son added a 1/4 tsp of cucumber melon soap scent to the melted soap. He loved the scent and said it smelled like candy.

  6. Now it was time to pour the melted soap into the mold. This should be a grownup step!

    As I poured the soap into the mold, my son oohed and ahhed.

  7. Once all the molds were full, we let the soap set for several hours.

  8. Once the soap had set, I slid a butter knife along the side of the soap and the plastic edges. The soap popped right out. My son was so excited to see his dinosaur "eggs"!

  9. We packaged up four of the soaps to give as gifts. Then we put one into my son's bathroom. He loves washing with it and can't wait for the dinosaur to come out!