Duct Tape Dry Erase Board

Duct Tape Dry Erase Board

Another project that demonstrates the magic of duct tape! With just a little help, kids can turn an office-supply staple into their own personal dry-erase board. We made lots of these, to take on car trips and make restaurant waits easier.

Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. plastic page protector (1)
  2. cardstock (8 1/2" x 11") - 2 sheets
  3. duct tape
  4. dry erase markers
  5. markers (optional; for decorating one side)
  1. Gather your materials. This craft works best with cardstock, because two sheets are sturdy enough to make a dry erase board but thin enough to fit in the page protector. You could certainly try it out with paper or even white cardboard.

  2. First, we decorated one sheet of cardstock with a picture my son could draw on again and again. He chose to draw a train map because he's a train guy, but you can choose any scene or leave both pages blank.

  3. Stack the two cardstock sheets and slip them into the page protector.

  4. Cut a length of duct tape. Fold it in half lengthwise along one side of the page protector.

    (To make it easier for a child to do this solo, pre-cut four lengths of duct tape -- two 8 1/2" pieces and two 11" pieces.)

  5. Continue along all four sides. We had four different colors, so we used all of them.

  6. That's it! My son immediately flipped his over and started practicing his writing. This one is going right into our restaurant activity bag.