Egg Candles

Egg Candles

We love to use candles as centerpieces for dinner. With Easter around the corner, what better way to use some common household items to make these beautiful Easter egg candles.

9 - 16
Est. Time:
1-2 hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. soy wax flakes
  2. paper cups
  3. wicks
  4. crayons
  5. butter knife
  6. eggs
  7. egg carton
  8. craft sticks
  1. Take a crayon and break it into small pieces or flakes. Fill a small paper cup a little more than halfway full with the soy wax flakes and crayons bits or shavings.

  2. Using a butter knife, make a small hole the size of a dime in the top of an egg. Empty out the egg contents and set it aside for another use (we made cupcakes!). Rinse out the egg shell with water from the sink. Set the shells with the hole facing down to let them completely dry.

    Microwave the wax flakes in 20 second intervals until the wax and crayons are melted. In between intervals, use a popsicle stick to stir the melted wax and crayons together. Carefully pour the wax into an  eggshell, place the eggshell back in the carton, and place the wick into the the wax until it hits the base of the shell. Rest the wick against the side of the hole in the egg.

  3. Wait for the wax to harden for about 2 hours until it is completely set. Crack the shell, trim the wick if needed, and enjoy your egg shaped candle!

  4. Display your egg candles in an egg cozy or egg carton. Always be careful when using candles and fire. Be sure  to only light the candles on a safe fireproof base or candle votive. The candles should not be lit when in an egg carton as the paper or styrofoam can burn.