Egg Carton Penguin

Egg Carton Penguin

There is something so cute about penguins. With the weather getting colder, we have started reading some winter penguin books that sparked this fun craft. My kids loved seeing how easily you could turn an egg crate into a silly winter bird friend.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. egg carton
  2. paint (black and white)
  3. paintbrushes
  4. glue
  5. googly eyes
  6. felt (orange)
  1. We gathered all of our goods and pulled apart the egg cups on the egg carton.

  2. The kids got to work painting each one black.

  3. Of course they had to give each bird a nice white belly.

  4. My two-year-old needed a little help cutting the felt. We used triangles for beaks and hearts for the feet.

  5. Grayson enjoyed adding the eyes and seeing his little penguin come to life.

  6. They are so sweet! Both kids asked what sound a penguin makes...well, they sing of course!