Egg Carton Totem Pole

Egg Carton Totem Pole

We are learning so much about early Native American history in our house. My kids love to learn through crafts so while we were learning about the history and purpose of totem poles, we decided to make one, using a cardboard egg carton, a little paint and some colored paper.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. cardboard egg carton
  2. paint (brown + brush)
  3. colored paper
  4. markers (or crayons)
  5. scissors
  6. glue stick
  1. We assembled our supplies for the project. The circle punch is optional but my kids love to use this fun tool from my scrapbooking supplies. It is a great chance to work on hand strength, which improves fine motor skills, so we use it often. If you don't have one, just trace or draw circles and cut them out with scissors.

  2. First, we cut our egg cartons down the middle of the egg compartments.

  3. We trimmed off the lid and discarded it. We trimmed off the front flap, then also trimmed two angled pieces from each end. This will serve as a wing piece between the two carton sections when glued together later.

  4. Next, we used brown paint to completely cover our egg carton pieces.

  5. Time for the paint to dry. While we waited, we worked on the animal faces for our totem pole.

  6. We used our circle punch to make colorful cut outs.

  7. Next, we drew animal faces on the circles.

  8. When our painted egg cartons were dry, we drew some designs on the wing section.

  9. We glued our animal faces on the one side of the egg carton, adding a few embellishments, like a beak for our eagle.

  10. Then we glued the two sides of the egg carton together, with the wing piece in the middle.

  11. Our totem pole was complete and ready to add to our Thanksgiving decorations.