Exercise Cube

Exercise Cube

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. box
  2. paper
  3. pen
  4. scissors
  5. tape
  1. I suggested a few ideas for activities, and then my six-year-old took it from there. Here are the activities he decided on:

    • Spin in a circle
    • Jump up and down 5 times
    • Run in zig-zags
    • Do 5 jumping jacks
    • Stretch up high
    • Touch your toes

    I happened to have a square box that made a perfect giant die, so we started with that as a base. My son drew the activities on paper, and since he wanted it to look like a real die he insisted on adding numbers. This also led to a good discussion about how many sides a cube has. His first guess was four sides, and he was surprised and interested that there were really six.

    I helped write the activities and tape the drawings onto the cube. (If you don�t have a box handy, you could create your own out of six pieces of card stock.) And then we were ready to roll!

  2. The boys had a giggly good time stretching, spinning, and MOVING� And of course I had to stretch, spin, and run right alongside them!