Falling Scarves Game

Falling Scarves Game

Rainy day with the kids? Have a house full of birthday party guests? Don't fret! Instead, play this fun and easy game that will help get the wiggles out and encourage listening and eye tracking skills!

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. lightweight scarves
  1. Gather your child or children in front of you and stand on a chair. Take your movement scarf and instruct children that you are going to drop the scarf from as high up as you can. The anticipation of waiting for the scarf to drop can give kiddos a case of the giggles!

  2. Next, tell them that you will call out an action they must do. Examples to try include: jumping jacks, saying their ABCs, hopping on one foot, laughing, etc. Tell them that they are allowed to do the action ONLY while the scarf is falling. When the scarf hits the floor, the children must immediately stop. In this picture, I told my daughter she had to clap her hands until the scarf touched the floor.

  3. Anyone who does not stop by the time the scarf touches the floor will be out! (Sometimes it's just fun to try to catch the falling scarves too!)