Felt Fortune Cookies

Felt Fortune Cookies

Part of being creative is taking something familiar and making it exciting. So we made these felt fortune cookies to spread some love this Valentine's Day with little notes inside.

3 - 7
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. felt
  2. scissors
  3. elmers extra strength glue stick
  4. pipe cleaners
  5. white paper
  6. pen
  1. Adult prep: Before we got started I cut out a bunch of 4in felt circles. I just traced a lid that was 4 inches in diameter on the felt and then cut them out.

  2. I also cut the pipe cleaners in to pieces that were slightly smaller than 4 inches long.

  3. Then, my 3 year old Clare took charge and started gluing the pipe cleaners on the felt circles. We made sure that they went through the center and did not hang over the edges. The we let them dry.

  4. Next, we folded the felt circle in half (like a taco.)

  5. Then we bent the pipe cleaner, which is on the inside of the felt circle, and formed it into a fortune cookie shape. She though this was pretty funny.

  6. The final step is to cut out small fortune cookie size pieces of white paper and write a short nice message on them. Then we inserted them into the cookies. You could also add tiny toys if you wanted.

  7. You can experiment with different color felt and really great creative.