Felt Sandwich Shop

Felt Sandwich Shop

Ordering a sandwich at our local sandwich shop is so exciting to my little ones. They love standing up on their tippy toes and watch the sandwich maker put our lunches together. They love that they can choose just how they want it and add extra black olives! I have contemplated putting together my own sandwich line-up for lunch one day, but thought we would start with a less food-wasting option and go with a felt sandwich shop!

2 - 7
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. felt
  2. scissors
  3. empty berry containers
  4. kitchen tools (e.g., spreader, salt shaker, jars)
  5. wax paper (optional)
  1. We grabbed different colors of felt for our sandwich fixings and found some empty berry containers that were perfect to hold everything in our sandwich shop. I tore a few pieces of wax paper so the kids could wrap up their felt lunches just like they do in the real sandwich shop. My daughter is all about the details!

  2. Emma got to work on cutting the felt. Younger ones may need help with this, but her little brother was happy to add her tomato slices into a container as she cut them. I love the teamwork!

  3. Once we finished cutting, it was time to set up shop. We used some empty toy storage bins to hold everything on a bench that the kids could stand behind or in front of. They liked to take turns as the sandwich maker and customer.

  4. This simple little shop took minutes to set up and was the highlight of the day for my two kiddos! They played with it for so long and continue to play with it each day. I love hearing them pretend, laugh, and play together.

  5. Things got a little too real for this guy and I had to make a friendly little reminder that this was just for pretend! We definitely had some (real) sandwiches for lunch on this day!