Fingerprint Flowers

Fingerprint Flowers

It's so easy to make flowery art with fingerprints, and there's no reason to limit these pretty flowers to paper. Make a pretty gardening vest! Or a book bag! Or a series of tiles for the wall. Whatever you choose is sure to be lovely!

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paint
  2. paper
  3. paper plate (optional)
  4. fabric paint (or acrylic paint)
  5. materials to decorate (optional) - apron, T-shirt, tote bag, etc.
  1. Paint and paper--that's all this one requires! If you'd like to paint permanently onto fabric, use either fabric paints, or acrylic craft paints. (But remind the little ones it doesn't come off things!)

  2. We have played with this craft a few times, now. First on paper. Then again. Then we had the idea for a t-shirt!

  3. And today, we picked up book bags and an apron at the craft store, for just few dollars.

  4. On the paper we experimented with creating different flowers: hyacinths...two-petaled flowers...centers with surrounding petals...tall, dotted reeds....

  5. Madeleine mixed colors on paper plates to come up with peaches and rosy pinks.

  6. When she decided upon her favorite flowers, she set to work on the cloths.

  7. This is now her designated library bag...she'll simply put her chosen treasures in her bag, instead of mine! Wonderful.