Fire Pot S'mores

Fire Pot S'mores

Recreate the fun of summertime camping with mini fire pot s'mores! Nothing's more convenient than roasting marshmallows using a simple terra cotta pot. It's the perfect way to enjoy a summer night treat in your own backyard.

5 - 8
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. unglazed terra cotta pot
  2. marshmallows
  3. skewers
  4. charcoal
  5. lighter
  6. heavy duty aluminum foil
  7. graham crackers
  8. chocolate
  1. Cut enough aluminum foil so that it can line the interior of the terra cotta pot to the top edge. We put in two layers of aluminum foil.

  2. Fill half of your pot with charcoal.

  3. Have an adult carefully pour some lighter fluid on the charcoal.

  4. Have an adult carefully use the lighter to start the fire.

  5. Poke some marshmallows on your skewers. Once the lighter fluid has burned off, hold your marshmallows over the fire. Let them roast and then assemble your s'mores!