Five-Minute Apron

Five-Minute Apron

We use aprons for cooking, art, and most importantly pretend play. My five-year-old has been asking for a "restaurant apron" for awhile now and unfortunately they do not commonly make waist aprons for kids. With a pillowcase we made about five minutes!

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. pillowcase
  2. scissors
  3. ribbon
  4. duct tape
  1. Find an old pillowcase that you are willing to cut holes through for the sake of some major imaginative play. I got mine for just $1 at the local thrift store.

  2. We wrapped a ribbon around Emma's waist twice, and then snipped the ribbon. Then I wrapped a small piece of masking tape on one end to be our "sewing" needle.

  3. At the closed end of the pillowcase, I made small slits about an inch or so apart all the way across.

  4. Emma got to sewing! Oh, how she loved this!

  5. Once the ribbon was all the way through, I cut off the extra fabric at the bottom of the apron.

  6. Emma put on her apron--then she opened up her play restaurant for business!