"Fix That Doodle!" Game

Waiting for food to arrive is torture for my kids. When we eat out, the kids usually finish the activities on the kids' menu in mere minutes. When my kids start to proclaim, "I'm soooo hungry!," I pull out my secret weapon: the doodle game. You can play this game anywhere. Just a notepad and an ink pen will suffice. You'll instantly engage and entertain your kids until those chicken nuggets arrive.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paper
  2. markers - (or any other writing tool)
  1. No fancy supplies are needed for this game. All you need is something to draw on (even a napkin will do) and something to draw with. I use markers because the thicker barrel makes it easier for my toddler to grip.

  2. Start with a scribble or doodle. (Bigger ones usually work best.) The first time you play this game, it helps if the parent creates the first scribble or doodle.

  3. I drew a doodle and passed it on to my daughter. I challenged her to turn the doodle into a picture or drawing.

  4. It's serious business completing a doodle! (You can encourage your child to add more details such as background, accessories, etc.) My daughter turned my scribble into a snowman.

  5. For younger kids like my toddler, I let him scribble and I finish it. He gets a big kick watching me "fix" his scribble. He becomes so excited, he makes more scribbles for me to transform. Here, I turned his scribbles into wild hair. Family fun all around!