Flour Bath Paints

Flour Bath Paints

We love bath time at my house. My kids love it even more when we add some extra fun. That is just what we did with this bath paint. It is easy to have my sons help me make it. And once it is ready they take over the tub as their canvas. The great thing for me is after they play we just wash it away.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. flour - enough to fill muffin tin
  2. food coloring (few drops) - the colors of your choice
  3. water - enough to make a paste
  4. muffin tin (1)
  5. measuring cup (1)
  6. spoon
  1. To start I gathered supplies. Muffin tin, flour, measuring cup with water, food coloring, and spoons. Once I got this out I called the kids to help.

  2. Add flour to all the cups in the muffin tin. My youngest (20 mo) helped me with this.

  3. Both my 4yr and 20 mo old took turns adding food coloring to the flour. This is messy and we all had food coloring on our hands. But it washed off pretty well.

  4. Now my oldest and I poured water into the tin. We just added a little at a time. Mixed a little and added more until it was paste. A few were thicker than others. They liked the thinner ones more.

  5. Both kids took turns mixing.

  6. We used neon food coloring. This is the flour bath paint we ended up with.

  7. Last you take your paints to the tub and paint. We leave the tub dry while they play in the paint. When they are done we wash it all away. Now we get our bath and the kids come out clean and happy.