Flower Petal Art

Flower Petal Art

This art is made by smashing flower petals into cloth... younger children can do it too, with an extra precautionary step!

5 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. cloth (canvas works well) or paper
  2. round, smooth rock
  3. variety of flowers
  4. stick (optional)
  5. ribbon (optional)
  6. few pieces of scratch paper
  1. We have some small canvas banners, so that's what we used this time. In the past we've made these by gluing a stick at the top and folding over the fabric, making a sort of linen scroll.

  2. Madeleine gathered flowers from the gardens.

  3. We put a few pieces of used paper under the cloth, on the cement, to prevent the fabric from tearing. Then Maddie just started pounding on the petals with her smooth stone! Younger children can lay out their flowers, cover them with paper, then smash the paper with the stone, pressing the colors onto the fabric beneath. Doing it this way will prevent smashed fingers while they're trying to hold the petals in place.

  4. Some petals work better than others, and some change colors after they dry. All will fade over time. Even under glass, natural light will eventually fade the colors.

  5. But in the meantime, these banners are so fun to make, and so pretty to look at!