Flowers for Siblings

Flowers for Siblings

I made some easy upcycled flower vases from bottles and gave my daughter some flowers to arrange in them. Besides being a fun project for her, it also encouraged her to show some love to her brothers during a week that was--well--not so loving in our house amongst the children. Ever have weeks like that?

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. bottle
  2. spray paint (for grownup use only)
  3. flowers
  4. ribbon
  1. I spray painted the bottles, covered the cardboard bottle carrier with some scrapbook paper and presented this to my daughter with a bunch of flowers and some ribbons. She selected the ribbons she wanted and I helped her tie them around the bottle necks.

  2. Next, she sat down at the table. She used a little pitcher to add water to each bottle, then chose and arranged flowers. While she was doing this, we talked about how we could give them out as surprises to everyone in the family and how that would help everyone feel special. She really liked the idea.

  3. She put the bottles, now full of flowers, back into the cardboard carrier and took them upstairs, sneaking from bedroom to bedroom and leaving a surprise arrangement.

  4. What I love about this project is that she continues to use it. We keep the bottles in a low cabinet so that she can easily access them. She often picks flowers outside, fills one of the bottles and gives it to one of her brothers or to me or my husband. It is a joy to find a little vase of flowers on my bedside table. She tells me without words that she was thinking of me. And I just love that.