Geometric Mobile

Geometric Mobile

Decorate your room with this eye-catching geometric mobile! We spent the afternoon learning about geometric shapes, and recreating them with straws and yarn.

The project takes a little bit of patience and experimentation with balancing, but we were super impressed with the result! We hung it outside to see it move in the wind, but the project can easily be displayed in an indoor setting as well.

9 - 16
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. clear straw
  2. fishing line
  3. yarn or string
  4. embroidery needle
  5. dowels
  6. tape
  1. Gather the materials for your geometric mobile!

  2. We were inspired by the simple shapes of tetrahedrons and octahedrons, but you can build any shape you want.

    Cut your straws into 2.5-inch pieces. You'll need 6 pieces for each tetrahedron, and 12 pieces for each octahedron.

    Let's start out by making a tetrahedron! A tetrahedron is made up of four (tetra) triangle faces.

    Cut 2-3 feet of yarn to start with, and thread it through the embroidery needle. String on 3 pieces of straw

  3. String the needle back through the first straw and tighten to make a triangle loop.

  4. String on two more straws. Loop your string back into the straw shown and tie it with the end tail.

  5. Add one more straw. Then, loop your string back down into the previous straw and tighten. Tie the loose end of the yarn between the straws, and your tetrahedron is complete!

  6. Steps 6 through 11 will show you how to make an octahedron! An octahedron is made up of eight (octa) triangle faces.

    To create an octahedron, start out with steps 2-4 from above using a 4-foot piece of yarn. Next, string on two straws and thread the needle through the strawn shown.

  7. String on one straw and thread the needle back up toward the straw shown.

  8. Take a look at your shape, there should be four triangular sides and one square base. This is a pyramid!

    String on two more straws, and then thread the needle through the straw on the base edge of the pyramid

  9. Loop your string back down to the point of the triangle.

  10. Add one more straw. String it through the next base edge.

  11. Add the final straw and tie the yarn at the corner. Your octahedron is complete!

  12. Create an assortment of sizes and colors for your mobile. Once you are satisfied, use fishing line to tie a few shapes onto both ends of the dowel.

  13. Tie a piece of fishing line in the middle of the stick. Slide it along the dowel until you find a balancing point. Tape this piece of fishing line down to the dowel.

    Hint: It will be closer to the heavier side.

  14. Take the end of the fishing line and tie it to an end of the second dowel (the dowel on top).

  15. To complete your mobile, you will have to do a little experimenting. Tie a few more shapes together, and add it to the empty end of the second dowel. Tie another piece of fishing line in the middle of the second dowel.

    Lift up your mobile by the string and see which way it tilts. If one side is too heavy, try sliding around the center point, or the shapes, until it looks balanced.

    If you're up to the challenge, you can try adding more dowels and shapes to see how far you can take your balancing skills!