Global Investigations

Global Investigations

My ever-curious daughter asked me, "Why does it look like the sun is following us?" To better understand that, we fetched the globe and asked "What do you think might be happening on this other side of the world right now?"

5 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. globe
  2. flashlight (or another light source, e.g. sun or lamp)
  1. It was a sunny morning, so we took our globe to the patio outside. "Where is the sun?" I asked. "Right there!" "Yes. Pretty low in the sky, still." We said the "arm" of the globe was sunrise.

  2. "So, the sun is shining on the earth like this.... and what is happening on this other side of the world? Want to pick a place?" Republic of the Congo, she chose. "Ooh, Congo! What do you suppose is happening in Congo right now?"

  3. It was breakfast time at our house, and it looked like the sun had still not quite set in Congo. We came inside, and looked up what time it was in our chosen point on the other side of the world. Just after 4pm in Congo! What would the people of Congo be doing at 4:00? Playing outside and enjoying the sunshine, we thought!

  4. Of course now we were curious about Republic of the Congo, and had to find out what it was like.... our chosen city (Brazzaville) was surrounded by a savannah! And Congo has lowland gorillas and hippos! And chimpanzees and forest elephants! How very exciting. During lunchtime, we checked the globe... twas suppertime in Congo--just after sunset.

  5. Any time Maddie thought about it, during the day, it was "Let's check on Congo!" Afternoon here? Bedtime in Congo. Suppertime here? Middle of the night in Congo. Finally, it's bedtime..... and look! The earth is just like this.... and the sun is rising in Congo.

  6. Where shall we go tomorrow?