Glowing Hula Hoop

Glowing Hula Hoop

Take a daytime activity into the night and have fun in the dark with this glowing hula hoop! 

9 - 16
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. hula hoop
  2. sand (about 1/2 cup)
  3. el wire (2)
  4. aa batteries (4)
  5. zip ties (8)
  6. scissors
  1. Gather your materials! 

  2. Open the hula hoop. Dump out any water in it if necessary. 

  3. Pour some sand into the hula hoop.

  4. Close the hula hoop. 

  5. Zip tie the electrical end of one of the EL wire packs to the hula hoop near the joint (where it opens). 

  6. Wrap the EL wire around the hula hoop. 

  7. When you get to where you began, zip tie the end of the EL wire to the hoop on the opposite side of the joint. 

  8. Place the batteries in the battery pack. 

  9. Close the battery pack. 

  10. Plug the battery pack into the electrical end of the EL wire. 

  11. Using the pocket clip on the back of the battery pack, clip it to the EL wire.

  12. Tip!

    If your battery pack doesn’t have a pocket clip, skip to the next step. 

  13. Use zip ties to secure the battery pack in place. 

  14. Tip!

    If your battery pack doesn’t have a pocket clip, use tape to secure it to the hula hoop after you zip tie it.

  15. Trim the zip ties. 

  16. Repeat steps 5-13 with the second pack of EL wire beginning on the opposite side of the hula hoop. This will counterbalance the battery pack and make it easier to hula! 

  17. Turn the EL wires on, turn the lights off, and party with your glowing hula hoop! Experiment with turning one EL wire on and the other off or using the blinking settings (to do this, just press the button on the battery pack twice)!