Grass Heads

Grass Heads

Make little creatures out of socks or burlap... just add soil and grass seed, and you have fine little friends.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. socks or burlap
  2. pins
  3. buttons
  4. soil
  5. grass seed
  6. disposable plate (optional)
  7. rubber bands (or twist tie)
  8. cup (or glass)
  1. You don't necessarily need a sock or burlap--any fabric with a very loose weave will do.

  2. First Madeleine put the sock in a glass, and pulled it over the edge of the glass. First, the grass seed went in!

  3. Then she added damp soil.

  4. She closed up the sock, and wrapped a rubber band around the end to secure it.

  5. Next we put our faces on, with pins and buttons.

  6. She watered them well, and we waited. And waited.

  7. Oh, we watered and waited a lot. My goodness, it seemed like forever. Finally some was coming up!

  8. We waited and watered for a few more days...

  9. ...and finally we had grass heads!