Halloween Candy Art

Halloween Candy Art

With a little encouragement, my son turned some of his Halloween candy into art. When I first proposed he try using some of his candy for art projects, he wasn't too keen. "Candy is only for eating, Mom!", he emphasized. And we've done plenty of that! But I figured there was no way we're going to eat through all his loot, and with a little encouragement, he soon realized that playing with candy not only makes colorful projects, but it's a very interesting medium to him. When else has he been given permission to unwrap and handle so many lollipops at once? He was hooked.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. candy
  2. paint
  3. kraft paper
  4. clay
  1. In case it�s not obvious, this is a �humpbacked whale stingray� with spikes to protect it from predators, or so says my 4-year-old son. He used lollipops and molding clay.

  2. Next, I was curious to see what he would make of Pixie Stix, since he got a jumbo-sized one longer than his arm. Once he realized the tube was filled with colored sugar crystals (I let him taste a small heap), he proposed he use it to make the nectar of flowers. I gave him finger paints and he poured out a pile of Pixie Stix dust. He made " hand flowers" and sprinkled the "nectar" into piles on his painting, loading it up on the "grass", saying it was falling out of the flowers.

  3. To my pleasant surprise, candy art was a huge success with my son. The possibilities are open ended, and it was such a novel way of approaching art that it really got his creative mind in gear. I was worried he'd be too distracted by trying to eat the candy to get into the process, but he was satisfied to focus on his creations with a few licks for good measure.