Handprint Flowers

Handprint Flowers

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paint and paintbrushes
  2. paper - thicker paper is better
  1. As you gather your materials, make sure you are using washable paint and thick paper such as cardstock or construction paper. I also used paper plates as a paint palette.

  2. Have your child dip their hand in the paint or add a twist and paint it on with a brush.

  3. There are many different handprint flowers that you can make. You can paint a stem and use the handprint as petals of the flower.

  4. Or you can use the handprint as the stems of the flowers and fingerprints as the petals of each flower. There are so many options. These can be turned into great gifts such as handprint art on canvas or make a special card for a family member. Get creative and have fun!