Healthy Plate

Healthy Plate

I truly believe you can set a path for your children to create healthy eating habits as soon as they can take down the mush. Being a healthy role model is of course the most important, but I also like to educate my children about nutrition. By making a healthy plate craft, my kids really got involved in decisions about their food choices. Here's a fun way to teach your kiddos how to eat healthy, balanced meals!

5 - 7
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paper plate
  2. markers
  1. I drew a diagram on a paper plate. Half the plate was for fruits and veggies and the other half was split for proteins and grains.

  2. We talked about what these food groups were and shared examples of some of our favorites that fit into each group.

  3. The kids filled in their plates by drawing the examples we talked about. This became a fun game for them. I would name a food and they would decide which group it fit in.

  4. We keep our "healthy plates" in the kitchen and the kids like to build their meals just like the diagram. They are making healthy choices and learning how to balance a meal to fit their growing bodies. And this makes my heart smile.