Homemade Pom Poms

Homemade Pom Poms

My daughter was cheering away after we made these super easy and very cute homemade pom-poms! She requested another pair to add to her bike handles.

4 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. empty snack bags
  2. scissors
  3. masking tape
  1. We have been saving our empty snack bags for awhile so we could make a set of pom-poms. My daughter was thrilled when we finally had enough.

  2. We made sure each bag was completely empty and stacked them all together. We cut the bottoms to make them all the same length and cut slits on the sides.

  3. Next, Emma got to work cutting strips leaving a few inches at the top connected.

  4. Once they were all cut we rolled our pom-poms and wrapped the top in masking tape to become the handle. We repeated these steps to make a second pom-pom because you must have two!

  5. Emma was thrilled with her new cheering accessory! She has since asked for another set to add to her bike handles. I think that's brilliant! Now we better get back to snacking!