Hot Chocolate Cafe

Hot Chocolate Cafe

This is a great pretend play project that you can easily set up. The idea was inspired by Trish's Hot Chocolate Shop at Preschool Playbook. My kids love this activity and we've used it over and over again. They've been able to develop math skills like making change and counting money as they've played this, too. And it's just plain fun to make, serve, and sell pretend hot chocolate, especially to your favorite customers: Mom and Dad!

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. foam - brown
  2. cups
  3. straws
  4. spoons
  5. trays
  6. pom-poms
  7. pretend coffee pot
  8. signs
  1. First, we cut up pieces of brown foam to represent our hot chocolate and sprinkled "marshmallow" pom-poms on top.

  2. The kids set up their workspace, including a stack of cups, straws, and spoons.

  3. My toddler enjoyed filling the pretend coffee pot from our play kitchen then pouring and mixing the "hot chocolate" and "marshmallows."

  4. One child agreed to be the cashier, while the other was the barista. They practiced making change and counting the money in the register.

  5. It was very exciting when their first customer of the day came to the cafe--Daddy!

  6. The kids worked together (so cute!). We talked about how to treat customers (how to take orders, make  drinks, take money and make change) and minding our manners, like thanking the customer and wishing them a nice day. Not that I'm biased, but they sure are more adorable than the people that work down at the local coffee shop... Mommy has become a regular customer at the Hot Chocolate Cafe!