Ice Boat Race

Ice Boat Race

Ever dream of being the captain of your own boat? Well, this fun and easy craft gives you and our child the freedom to imagine you are sailing out on the ocean blue. Another plus is that all the materials for making ice boat should be readily available at your house-these are my favorite kinds of crafts!

3 - 9
Est. Time:
2+ hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. water
  2. sticks
  3. leaves
  4. tape
  1. We gathered the supplies mentioned above and filled the containers 70% full of water. We explained to the kids how water expands once it turns frozen and they thought that was pretty neat.

  2. Our children gathered a few sticks from outside. These sticks will become the mast that hold our leaf flag. We place the stick in the middle of our water filled containers and used tape to hold them in place.

  3. Then we made some room in our freezer for the containers. It took about 24 hours for the water to freeze. If you live in a place where it freezes outside over night you can just leave them outside, but we live in Florida so we have to use our freezer.

  4. After the ice is completely frozen, we took them out of the freezer and placed our leaf flag on our stick. Once you take them out the clock is ticking -- you have about 15 minutes to get them in the water before they melt.

  5. Then we removed to the ice boat from the contain. It comes out really easy, my son picked it up by the stick so his hands wouldn't get cold.

  6. Now you are ready to set sail. It should go with out saying but please be careful around water with your children! Like I mentioned before we live in Florida so there are ponds near our house, I made sure my husband was on alligator watch!

  7. It feels good to stand next to your child as you both watch your ice boats embark on their short adventure. You might want to warn your child that the ice boats will melt, this could prevent your child from having a melt down when they can't bring the ice boat home.