Jammin' Pinwheel Sandwiches

Jammin' Pinwheel Sandwiches

This jammin' pinwheel sandwich is a hit in our house and such a simple snack for your child to make with minimal assistance. This healthy snack allows your child to work on their fine motor skills while they slice, spread, and roll!

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. bread
  2. jam
  3. cream cheese
  4. rolling pin
  5. toothpicks
  1. Time to pull out your rolling pin, a child-friendly knife, and the snack ingredients. We used whipped cream cheese since it's a lot easier to spread.

  2. Have your child slice off the crust. They can use a child-friendly butter knife or cookie cutters work perfectly too.

  3. Let your child roll the bread flat a few times with the rolling pin. My daughter absolutely loved this part!

  4. Next, spread the cream cheese across the entire bread slice. Let your child know that you notice them using careful hands while spreading. Kids get a kick out of doing important work!

  5. Then spread the jam. (We like to use the no-sugar added jam.)

  6. Once the cream cheese and jam is spread, have your child roll the bread lengthwise.

  7. Then have your child carefully slice the rolled-up bread into 1/2" pieces.

  8. We used colorful toothpicks to hold the rolls in place. My daughter decided to use two toothpicks per piece, so although the toothpicks are optional, the toothpicks are a definite bonus for this snack. After I guided my five-year-old daughter with the snack preparation, she was able to make it on her own without any help. So these ingredients will definitely stay in my house for a future afternoon snack that my daughter can prepare on her own.