Jello Legos

Jello Legos

Make Lego inspired Jello as a special treat.

5 - 9
Est. Time:
2+ hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. jello - 4 boxes of the same flavor
  2. lego duplo blocks
  3. pan
  1. Wash and dry your Lego blocks. Make 4 boxes of Jello (same flavor) according to the instructions.

  2. Pour your Jello mixture into a rectangle pan. Begin putting your Lego Duplo blocks on top of the Jello.

  3. The top of the block will be touching the Jello and the blocks will be floating on top of the mixture. It was fun to fit the pieces in like a puzzle.

  4. Here is another view of the blocks floating on top of the Jello. Put it in the fridge and wait for the Jello to set. Ours took awhile so we let it stay in the fridge over night.

  5. Now here is the tricky part. Carefully take off each Lego. Start at the corner and wiggle it so that air gets underneath the block and makes it easier to remove. Some Jello will still be on the block (I had a sink of soapy water and just tossed them in it as I removed them.). After you remove a block, cut out that rectangle of Jello and remove it from the pan. The holes will actually be indented into the Jello which is the opposite of how a Lego really is, but it still looks just like a Lego. He was so excited that he got to eat a "lego". Quick tip: There were several pieces that didn't turn out because I removed the block wrong or didn't get out of the pan right. I used the extra Jello to make mini desserts by layering the Jello and whipped cream into small dishes.