Kooky Creatures

Kooky Creatures

This fun project is a perfect combination of artistic and literary creativity! Kids invent a whimsical kooky creature, write a biography about it, design it on paper, build it, and construct a kooky home for it!

7 - 12
Est. Time:
1-2 hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paper (1)
  2. permanent markers (e.g., sharpies) (1)
  3. paper mache ( )
  4. paint
  5. paintbrushes (1)
  6. glue
  7. collage materials
  8. yarn
  9. newspaper
  10. clear plastic sheet (transparency) (1)
  1. Start by dreaming up a kooky creature with quirky personality characteristics and write a bio about it. Include details such as name, age, what it likes to eat, favorite activities, pet peeves, and any other personality detail that will make your creature unique!

  2. Next, draw a picture of your kooky creature. Incorporate elements from his/her biography.

  3. Create the form of the creature with traditional papier mache or plaster wrap (faster drying). Use your drawing as inspiration for creating your creature, and make sure that he/she will fit inside the box where it will live! After the papier mache is dry, paint and decorate it to make your creature come to life! Get creative to find household items that can be re-purposed, such as buttons or water bottle lids for eyes, yarn for hair, etc. The ultimate goal is to make him/her look as close to your initial drawing as possible.

  4. Using a sharpie and paint, decorate the box (home) where your kooky creature will live. Again, make sure to use elements from the biography that will help visitors find out a little bit about the creature who lives inside.

  5. Cut a small hole in one side of your box and tape a small piece of clear plastic to the inside of the box for the window. You could get creative here and use a piece of mesh from an old screen, or stretch a piece of plastic wrap over the opening. If you'd like, you can secure your box with twine and add a name tag!