Make Your Own Building Blocks + 10 Ways to Use Them

Make Your Own Building Blocks + 10 Ways to Use Them

Turn your empty food boxes into building blocks. Use your new building blocks for playing and learning!

2 - 7
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. cardboard boxes (cereal, food packages)
  2. paper
  3. tape
  4. markers
  1. Collect and save your empty food boxes. These turn into great building blocks!

  2. Use construction paper, wrapping paper, or a large roll of brown paper to wrap the boxes. For some of the boxes I needed to use two sheets of construction paper and I wrapped each side in its own sheet. After the block was all covered, I used packaging tape and wrapped it around the outside edges of the block to make it more durable. While I was wrapping, the kids used markers to decorate the boxes. All set...and there are so many ways you can have fun learning and playing with your building blocks!

  3.  1) Use your blocks to make a city. I'm not sure if the kids had a better time creating and setting up the city or playing in it with their characters and animals, but it was an afternoon of fun.

  4. 2) Use your building blocks for bowling. You could even write numbers on the blocks and add them up as you knock them down to keep score.

  5. 3) Stack your blocks. Who can make the highest tower?

  6. 4) Use the blocks and cups to put a fun twist on building a tower.

  7. 5) Use the blocks to make a car garage and ramps for your cars.

  8. 6) Use your building blocks to build a large wall or fort.

  9. 7) Sort and stack the blocks by color. 8) Sort and stack the blocks by size.

  10. Write letters or numbers on the blocks. Then  9) Use the blocks to spell your name. 10) Use the blocks to stack the numbers 1-10 in order. 11) Use the blocks to stack the alphabet in order. Such easy blocks to make and so many fun ways to use them!