Mini Foosball

Mini Foosball

Make your own mini-sized and portable foosball game with easily found materials. Create a whole set of players to complete your team! Once you are ready to go, grab a friend and start the fun!

9 - 16
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. crate or box
  2. at least two ½” dowels - (12 in. in length)
  3. ping pong balls
  4. colored paper
  5. thin cardboard - can be from cereal box
  6. markers
  7. utilitiy knife
  8. ruler
  9. tape
  10. rubber bands
  1. Step 1: Begin by cutting off the lid of the Tinker Crate box.

    Tip: Have an adult help cut, if needed.

  2. On the long sides of the box, draw circles 2" from the bottom and from the side edge. This will be the holes to insert the dowels, so they should be a little bigger than the diameter of the dowels. (Note: Draw four circles for two dowels)

  3. Carefully cut out the holes, asking an adult to help, if needed.

  4. On the short ends of the box, cut out the rectangles from the bottom of the box to create the two goals. Make sure the height of your goal is at least 1 3/4"

  5. Use colored paper to decorate the inside of your box. Create green grass for your players or stands for the spectators! Tape all your decorations in the box.

  6. Stick the dowels in the holes and wrap a rubber band on each end.

  7. Draw or cut out different players for your team. Mount them on thin cardboard (we used an old cereal box for this step!).

  8. Use tape to attach your players to the dowels. Throw down a ping pong ball for the first kick off!

    Tip: For more secure players, you can hot glue them onto the dowels.