Mod Podge Fabric Easter Basket

Mod Podge Fabric Easter Basket

Using some fabric scraps and Mod Podge, we made our own Easter baskets! These will be great for Easter egg collecting and for the Easter bunny to fill with fun treats.

2 - 4
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. fabric scraps - cut into strips
  2. mod podge
  3. balloon
  4. hole punch
  5. ribbon
  6. foam brush
  1. I gathered some scrap pieces of fabric and cut them into 1" strips. Next, I blew up the balloon to the size I wanted the basket to be.

  2. Grayson got to work covering half of the balloon with mod podge. He took his job very seriously and was sure to cover every last spot.

  3. Next, we added the fabric in all different directions to be sure to cover any open spaces.

  4. Another layer of mod podge to cover all the fabric was all that was left to do. You want to be sure to give it a good coat. The mod podge is what will harden the basket.

  5. Now, we wait. A place mat or wax paper is a good place to dry so it will easily come off.

  6. After drying overnight, it was time to pop the balloon. Grayson thought this was really cool to see!

  7. We easily made a little handle with a hole punch and ribbon. Now on to the Easter egg hunt!