Mother's Day Tradition: Planting Flowers Together

Mother's Day Tradition: Planting Flowers Together

We have a Mother's Day tradition in our family: The kids and I plant flowers together, from the trip to the garden center to choose them to putting them in the ground and watering them. It's a lovely memory for all of us!

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. potted flowers
  2. shovel
  3. garden hose (or watering can)
  4. gardening gloves (optional)
  1. We went to the garden center and I chose these pretty phlox plants. I love the way they turn into a carpet of color in early Spring. Choosing perennials will allow you to relive the memory of planting them each year with your kids: "Look, the daisies are coming up. Remember when we planted those together when you were 5?"

  2. After showing the kids where I wanted the plants to go, my 8-year-old grabbed a shovel and dug a hole for each plant. Even toddlers can help with this process, with a small garden trowel. Preschoolers and young children can start digging the hole or make a hole bigger that mom or an older child has started for them.

  3. Next, my son loosened the dirt and roots around the inside of the pot with the small shovel and then gently dumped the flowers out of the pot next to the hole.

  4. With the plant in the ground, he pushed the loose dirt around it and patted it down with the small shovel. He was quite proud of himself that he can now do this entire process from start to finish.

  5. Lastly, he watered the new plants. I love this tradition of planting flowers together. It is creating wonderful memories for me and I hope my children will remember it fondly as well.