Mouse Necklace

Mouse Necklace

Make a mouse necklace for you and one for your friend too!

7 - 9
Est. Time:
2+ hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. washers (3) - 2 small, 1 large
  2. embroidery floss
  3. wire
  4. string
  1. Pick a color of thread and 3 washers (found in the hardware department). Two of the washers are the same size and the other one is larger than the two. Find a size that works for you, but make sure they aren't too small to wrap the thread around and lace it through.

  2. To start, cut a long piece of thread and tie it onto a washer.

  3. Wrap thread around the edge of the washer and back through the middle. Continue to wrap the thread until the washer is totally covered.

  4. If you run out of thread before it is all covered, tie another pieces onto it and continue to wrap. When you get to the end, tie and knot the thread in the back. If there is a loose end of thread, use a small dot of glue to secure it into place. Wrap all 3 washers with the thread. Depending on your child's age, this may be all done in one sitting or it may be a project to come back to each day until it is finished. Now cut a piece of wire (found in the beading section of a craft store) about 4 inches long.

  5. Use the wire to attach your mouse ears. Each piece of wire wraps around the 2 washers and secures it into place.

  6. Wrap thread around the wire to cover it. Tie and knot the thread on the back.

  7. Pick a piece of string or ribbon to finish the necklace. Fold the string in half and put the loop through the middle of the largest washer (pictured).

  8. Bring the ends up and through the loop.

  9. Pull to tighten it and tie it around your neck.

  10. Make a mouse necklace for you and a matching one for a friend. Match it to your favorite outfit or make one for a special gift. This could also be turned into an ornament or a key chain.