Mud Pie Kitchen

Mud Pie Kitchen

The best play material, in my opinion, is one found right in our own yard--dirt! Last summer we used a few things around the house and thrift store finds to create a wonderful play space for little imaginations to take over. Our mud pie kitchen cost a few dollars to create...and has gotten more play than any other toy we own.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. dirt and water
  2. kitchen tools - bowls, spoons, pots, pans
  3. nature findings - flower petals, sticks, stones, tree stumps
  1. To put together our mud pie kitchen, I started with retired kitchen items from around our house. We had quite a few items that we could spare. An old wooden shelf from the garage was the perfect base to hold it all.

  2. We hit up a few thrift shops and found some more additions to our little backyard kitchen. Things like muffin tins and small pots were very exciting additions for the kids.

  3. There is plenty of dirt in our yard, but to give the kids a start I grabbed a bag of top soil and used a large party tub to hold it. Along with a few plastic pitchers full of water, this was the perfect recipe for some mud pie inspiration.

  4. I encouraged the kids to collect things like flower petals, herbs and stones to add to their ingredients. This really got them exploring and creating.

  5. I think our mud pie kitchen has gotten used almost every day (weather permitting) since we created this last summer. It is a true joy to see my children so content with simple materials and their imaginations.

  6. Dirt = happiness for these children!