PIne Cone Bird Feeder

PIne Cone Bird Feeder

This bird feeder was a lot of fun for my two little ones to make. Seeing the birds fly down and grab their lunch off the pine cones made for an exciting morning in our house.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. pine cones
  2. peanut butter (or sun butter)
  3. bird seed
  4. paper bag
  5. yarn (or string)
  1. When we have done this in the past I made the mistake of giving the kids the entire jar of sun butter. (What I got back was a jar of sun butter mixed with bird seed.) This time I gave them a scoop in a small bowl to use.

  2. They started out by spreading the butter all over the pine cone and into the crevices.

  3. Next each child added a little bit of bird seed to their paper bag. I advise a bag per child because this is usually the highlight of the project to most kids!

  4. The pine cones covered in sun butter went right into the bag.

  5. Shake, shake, shake!! You can see why it is a favorite step for my kids.

  6. When we opened the bags we pulled out our beautiful bird feeder. I tied some strong yarn around the top and hung it from a tree in the yard. We watched as many little birds visited our bird feeders. It was fun to see them balance on the moving pine cones.