Paint + Water Bottle = Fall Leaf Painting

Paint + Water Bottle = Fall Leaf Painting

Did you know that the tools to create a masterpiece are only as far away as your recycling bin? Grab an empty water bottle and some paint--and you're well on your way to capturing the beauty of autumn's changing leaves.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paint (red, yellow, and orange)
  2. plastic water bottle, empty (empty)
  3. paper
  1. To start, I put out a mess mat to protect our workspace. Paint and very young kids = a very fun but MESSY activity!

    Have your child draw a tree on a blank piece of paper. (Younger kids may need some grownup assistance with this step.) Gather your supplies and have the kids dip the edge of the water bottle or the bottle's cap into the paint. (You may want to demonstrate.)

  2. Then have them stamp the cap onto the paper to make leaves

  3. My daughter used bottle to stamp and then used her hands to blend it in.

  4. I loved this activity because it was a very festive art project that even young toddlers could enjoy. Isn't her artwork gorgeous?!