Painted Hydrangeas

Painted Hydrangeas

Sometimes the simplest of crafts are the most loved and beautiful. My daughter questioned why these hydrangeas I brought home were white and not the usual blue we see in the yard."Did the flower fairies miss these when they were painting?"

I told her that that was exactly what happened...and that we should help those fairies out. So we pulled out the watercolors and spent the afternoon giving color to some white hydrangeas.

3 - 7
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. watercolor paint
  2. white flowers
  1. This is so simple to do--yet the quality of this afternoon was so special. All you need are some white flowers and some watercolors. (You could pick the flowers together or take an outing to the farmers' market!)

  2. As soon as we started to add color to the flowers, my daughter's face lit up. We started with a watercolor tray, but eventually pulled out the liquid watercolors to get a more vibrant effect.

  3. This is a good project to experiment with color mixing as well. It was fun for both of us to mix the colors right on the petals of the hydrangeas.

  4. Eventually rose petals from the garden were brought into the mix.

  5. You can use your creation for a special dinner table centerpiece. We did this and Emma was all smiles with such pride for her work!