Paper Finger Boomerang

Paper Finger Boomerang

Make a paper boomerang that you can flick with your fingers-and watch it come back to you!

5 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. cardstock or light cardboard
  2. markers and crayons
  3. glue (optional)
  4. scissors
  1. We made our boomerangs with both cardstock and light cardboard--they both work!

  2. For the cardstock, for extra durability we first we folded it in half, then cut a perfect square. You can do this by measuring, but we made a square out of scrap paper, and folded in half into a triangle to make sure it was perfect. We used this for a template. We added glue!

  3. We let that dry for a bit, then Maddie drew on guidelines for the boomerang, making sure they were the same width. If you're using light cardboard, just begin with this step,

  4. She cut out her boomerang,

  5. and drew and cut rounded edges.

  6. It was time for decorating!

  7. To make it fly you can put it along the edge of a book that's tilted, and flick it off the edge, or hold the center of it lightly, aiming it up a bit, and flick, or make a holder for it. To make a launcher, we just cut a long strip, pasted it to double it, then folded it in half again, not pasting.

  8. Then Maddie just slipped the boomerang in at the opening of the strip,

  9. and let it fly! Try making up games.... these can even be tried indoors. Can you catch it? Make a goal for it? Will a little bigger make it fly further? What are your ideas???