Paper Towel Flower

Paper Towel Flower

Watercolors on paper towels come out so beautiful, almost like tie dye. It's fun to see the colors spread as you paint. We paint this way often, but recently decided to turn our colorful towels into flowers!

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paper towels
  2. liquid watercolor paint
  3. paintbrushes
  4. clothespin(s)
  5. ice cube tray
  1. We use an ice cube tray to hold our liquid watercolors. It's deep enough to help prevent spills.

  2. Grayson got to work adding beautiful color to the towel. The colors spread quickly and allowed his little hands to cover more space.

  3. We laid them outside to dry. The color was stunning.

  4. Once dry, we tore the towels into different sized shapes and stacked them largest to smallest.

  5. We twisted the bottom of each stack and used a clothespin to hold it. This also became our stem. (If you'd like, you could paint your clothespins too.)

  6. They turned out so pretty. Emma insisted I spritz a little perfume on hers to be a little more realistic! She loved carrying them all around in a bunch pretending to be a bride.