Paper Tube Snake

Paper Tube Snake

Here's a slinky snake made from yarn and paper tubes. Make him long or short, and use any slithery colors and design you can imagine!

4 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paper tubes
  2. paint
  3. paintbrush
  4. googly eyes (optional)
  5. felt (a scrap of red)
  6. yarn
  7. hole punch
  8. tape
  1. We used one paper towel roll and two bathroom tissue rolls.

  2. Maddie chose her colors, and she began painting her whole rolls.

  3. After the pieces were colored, we sat them aside, and waited for them to dry.

  4. We cut the small rolls into three rings, and the larger one into about six or seven pieces. Next came the decorating! Maddie made dots and zigzags, stripes and diamonds. Then they were left to dry, too.

  5. When they were completely dry, we punched two holes in each ring.

  6. We cut a long length (around three feet) of yarn. Then Maddie decided which piece would be the tail. She wove the piece of yarn through the holes and settled it at the end of the string. Once done, she strung the other pieces onto the yarn, sliding the head on last.

  7. When all the pieces were strung, we taped the yarn ends inside the tail piece and the head. Then we cut eyes and a tongue out of felt and glued them on.

  8. It's finished! Now, let's find him a nice jungle branch to hang from...