Paper and Button Flowers

Paper and Button Flowers

These flowers are so wonderfully bright and cheerful.... and so very easy and simple to make!

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paper
  2. buttons
  3. pipe cleaners
  4. scissors
  5. glitter glue (optional)
  6. hole punch (optional)
  1. Glitter glue isn't necessary for this project, but it's such a simple craft that it only adds to the fun!

  2. Madeleine got right to it. The first thing to do was to cut out a flower head shape. You can draw it first, or not, as you like.

  3. Next she put a hole in the center with a hole punch. If you don't have one, just poke a small pencil-hole in the center.

  4. Maddie chose a button, and threaded it onto the pipe cleaner. Up through one hole, and down through the second...

  5. ...on goes the flower!

  6. To make shaped flowers, we cut out flowers and cut a slit in one side.

  7. We punched the center hole with a hole punch. Then we overlapped the cut sides and glued them together with a glue stick.

  8. On went the button, and through the flower as before. You may to choose to glue together the paper and button, or it may stay in place without gluing.

  9. Some of them got a sparkly finish with glitter glue!

  10. We couldn't resist making a whole handful of these cheerful beauties!