Peppermint Ice Cream in a Bag

Peppermint Ice Cream in a Bag

I could eat ice cream all year long - no matter the weather! Since there seems to be an abundance of peppermint candies and candy canes around, I decided to put them to good use and try my hand at homemade ice cream in a bag!

5 - 16
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. storage bags (gallon size)
  2. storage bags (quart size)
  3. half and half (1/2 cup)
  4. sugar (2 tablespoons)
  5. peppermints or candy canes
  6. vanilla extract (1/2 teaspoon)
  7. peppermint extract (optional)
  8. salt (1/2 cup) - rock or ice cream salt
  9. ice (1/2 gallon)
  1. Gather your materials.

  2. Mix the half & half, sugar, vanilla extract, and peppermint candies in the quart sized bag. We crushed our peppermint candies before adding them and added a dash of peppermint extract for the extra flavor. Tightly zip up the storage bag.

  3. Fill the gallon sized storage bag with ice so that it is about half full. Add a ½ cup of rock salt (or ice cream salt) to the mix. Zip it up well and give it a good shake.

  4. Open the bag of ice and place the quart sized bag inside. Press the larger bag down to push out any extra air. Seal it up tightly and shake it around for 5-10 minutes. As the cream mixture starts to freeze, you�ll notice ice cream forming in the inner bag! To help the mixture along, we also stuck the whole bag in the freezer for an extra 10 minutes.

    Tip: If the bag gets too cold and wet while shaking, it helps to wrap it in a tea towel or paper towel.

  5. When the ice cream is ready, quickly rinse the inner bag in cold water to wash away the salt water. Scoop out your homemade ice cream and serve it with an extra peppermint stick!