Personalized Painted T-Shirts

Personalized Painted T-Shirts

Paint your own personalized t-shirts using a stencil made with freezer paper.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
1-2 hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. freezer paper - Look for this in the food wrap section of your grocery store, near the plastic wrap and aluminum foil
  2. iron - for adult use only
  3. ironing board
  4. paintbrush
  5. fabric paint
  6. scissors
  1. Turn a pre-washed shirt inside out. Lay a sheet of freezer paper (shiny side down) on the backside of the surface you plan to paint. Iron the paper onto the t-shirt using an iron that's set to medium (no steam). This is going to protect the backside of the fabric. Then carefully turn the t-shirt right side out.

  2. You'll want to draw and cut out a stencil using freezer paper. Lay the stencil shiny side down, and carefully iron the stencil onto the t-shirt. If you are ironing on letters or small individual pieces, do them one by one.

  3. Check to make sure the edges are well-adhered to the t-shirt, as this is what makes a good clean line once you remove the stencil.

  4. Paint! Make sure you have good coverage on the edges where the stencil meets the fabric.

  5. You will most likely need at least 2 coats of paint to ensure good coverage.

  6. You'll want to remove the stencil while the paint is still wet. Carefully pull on the stencil to remove it, being careful not to get any paint from your fingers onto the t-shirt. (Note: I've done this when the paint has dried as well, but I find that the lines tend to be cleaner when the paint has not dried, especially if you've used several coats of paint.)

  7. Let it dry, then put on your creation! You should let this dry for a day before wearing or washing.