Personalized Room Sign

Personalized Room Sign

My daughter is at the age where she is starting to take claim of her room. She is enjoying her own space and taking pride in making it special to her. She makes room signs with paper pretty often, but on this day we took it to another level with a wood plaque and some retired game pieces.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. alphabet letters - game pieces, stickers, stamps
  2. wooden board - or cardboard
  3. tacky glue
  4. scrapbook paper - cut-outs or stickers for decorating
  5. ribbon - for hanging
  6. hot glue
  1. We have so many miscellaneous game pieces around the house. This was a perfect way to put them to use.

  2. Emma used tacky glue to spell out her name and decorated the board with paper cut-outs. It was fun to see her really get involved in what her room sign should look like. She also enjoyed showing off her spelling skills to me!

  3. While the letters were drying, I used hot glue to add a ribbon to the back so Emma could easily hang her sign on the door.

  4. Emma proudly hung her sign on her bedroom door. She doesn't let anyone enter our house without pointing it out to them, and she especially makes sure that her little brother is very aware of what that sign says.