Pet Rocks

Pet Rocks

With a few rocks and a little creativity, your child will have HOURS of fun with their new pet! My son named his new pet "Rocky" and made a home for him out of an empty box and construction paper. Then he got his journal and wrote all about Rocky's day. This simple activity kept my kids busy all day!

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. rocks / stones
  2. washable tempera paint
  3. googly eyes
  4. pom-poms
  5. paper plate
  6. tacky glue
  7. paper
  1. Take advantage of a beautiful day to go for a walk and find the perfect rock. We happen to have a whole bunch of them right next to our driveway, but this would be a great chance to head out to the park.

  2. Gather your materials. You could also add glitter, pipe cleaners, foam pieces, or anything else that your child would like to use to decorate his or her pet.

  3. Wash your rocks with soap and water and let dry completely. My kids love washing their hands, and they had as much fun playing in the water with their rocks as they did painting them!

  4. Let your child paint his or her rock. (Putting the rock on a piece of paper will help to contain the mess!) Some of my kids got really creative with this and added stripes and polka dots to their rocks. The younger ones had fun just mixing all the colors.

  5. Let the rocks dry.

  6. If you'd like you can add a pom-pom nose and googly eyes using tacky glue to complete your pet. Again, you could get even more creative here and add antennae with pipe cleaners or felt ears or anything else that your child enjoys.

  7. Encourage your child to figure out what things your pet might need and see if they can create them using materials you have at home. For example, their new pet might need a place to live, a special place to sleep, or special food. Your child may also enjoy writing about their new pet's day.